Die-In #dying4care

IndivisibleNOHO-Die-in-019This Die-In in Pulaski Park (Northampton, MA) is planned as part of a National Die-In for Healthcare (https://facebook.com/dying4care/).

On June 4th, join in a nationwide Die-In for Healthcare. In cities and towns across the country, citizens will come together to dramatize the real potential impact of Republican health care policy. Trumpcare would cause tens of millions to lose insurance, slash Medicaid coverage, increase premiums for seniors and the sick, gut protections for those with pre-existing conditions, jeopardize health care jobs, and enrich health insurance companies and the wealthy. Across the nation, people will symbolically “die,” holding tombstones that forecast real causes of death under this devastating Republican approach to healthcare. Join your neighbors to oppose Trumpcare and demand affordable healthcare for all! Look for an event near you at www.facebook.com/dyingforcare/.

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